Blogs vs. Forums Which is the Right Option for your Business?

Social media has evolved to a point that companies need to put some thought into selection of the right social media format rather than picking a medium just because everyone is using it. Take blogs as an example. I’ve touched upon this before in my blog post “To Blog or Not to Blog”, where I’ve discussed that blog is a means to an end but the end has to be clearly defined before picking the format. It’s very easy to misuse any given medium, as we’ve all seen plenty of examples where blogs are (ab)used as just another means of passing on corporate spin.

Bottom line is that it’s not about the medium, the key is to identify your objective/goal first and pick the format/medium last. Although, I have to admit in the social media crazy age, the objective seems to be an afterthought in many cases.

This month, I came across an old(er) format that we’re all familiar with and seems to have made a resurgence lately. I am referring to good ol’ fashioned forums, that had taken a backseat to their more glitzier cousins, the blogs and rarely ever featured in social media plans.

According to entrepreneurs like Vincent (Vinnie) Lauria forums are ready to rock the social media world. I rarely discuss specific products/services on my blog. When Lauria’s startup recently announced , an “embeddable forum” or (forum) software as a service, which can be deployed anywhere on your site, it sure got my attention. is a 2nd Generation forum product, based off of platform which has over 100,000 forums worldwide.

Here’s the thing, if social is all about community, crowd sourcing, and exchange of information, then forums are the original social media and yet, they rarely get featured in any social media planning or strategy conversations. Forums have traditionally been associated with customer support in the enterprise space or hobbyists/fans on the consumer side with text-based discussion threads. Forums have come a long way from the text-based discussions and now offer ability to embed videos, files into the conversation. However, the newer versions have much more potential and full of social features such as a Twitter, Facebook (likes), etc.

Lauria says, forums allow members to sign-in with their social networking profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter. So a member does not need to create a new account in order to participate, instead they use their existing social network profile.

So you’re probably asking yourself at this point, does this mean I should start a blog or a forum?

The answer isn’t one or the other because each format has its own purpose and benefits. Blogs are a powerful way for companies to share information and have conversations with stakeholders but they require the conversation to be driven from the company (blogger). There is an expectation that the company/blogger will respond to the user’s comments.

However, forums require a more hands-off approach with minimal company “intervention”. If your objective is to foster conversations and nurture a community then forums are the best way to help get discussions rolling between customers. A forum provides a great online place where customers can help each other but there‘s a great deal of value in getting insights from the customer exchanges. You can use forums to uncover customer pain points, get product feedback, and also, channel top-of-mind issues to generate blog topics.

According to Google search, there are over 100million monthly global searches for “forum”.

The challenge for any company today is that social content is growing exponentially and companies are caught up in this tsunami of social data. So the question for enterprises is around data security and storage. Amazon has addressed this need by allowing that allows startups like LeFora, offering software as a service, to be hosted on Amazon EC2 platform that offers secure storage and access to data walled off within Amazon on a private firewall with a private VPN tunnel to the organization. So with SaaS offerings like, a company doesn’t need to install new servers, new software, nor worry about maintaining the security of the system, so that also allows them to scale easily as their community grows.

I think forums should be integrated into every social media practitioner and marketer’s plan. Forums are a treasure trove of invaluable insights direct from your customers. So the question that begs to be asked and answered is why do companies pay for market research when they could be mining data that’s available through their own forums for free?

5 thoughts on “Blogs vs. Forums Which is the Right Option for your Business?

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  2. Thanks for sharing, I found this story while surfing for lyric updates, thoughtful comments and great points made.

  3. Hi Mia,

    Hope you are doing well.
    I agree with you. Forums and blogs are tools that are used for different purposes. When deciding how to leverage social media, I think mareketers should not start with tools but with the business problems they are trying to solve.

    Blogs have been used for years as a way to allow more employees to connect externally, publishing and broadcasting relevant information at a personal level.

    Forums, on the other hand, have proven their value as to help with product support issues. These are typically break/fix post-purchase issues.

    marketers should consider other social technologies, like Ask & Answer, that are much more focused on closing sales: pre-purchase questions from custoemrs about specific products. Another advantage is that these are embedded i product pages, which make them much more powerful than forums. Take a look at

    The problem with forums is that there is so much content (and so much noise) in an uncategorized fashion, that it is hard to find the valuable customer feedback and the context for that feedback.

    This is an area where both ask & answer and product reviews have a significant advantage: First, they are less about fixing problems and more about the experience with products. Second, reviews and knowledge are very specific to a product, providing the context needed to understand the feedback from customers and act on it.

    This is what we call breathing Customer Oxygen. For more, read



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