Do Facebook Brand Page Likes Really Matter?

Facebook LikeSocial media marketers have a love-hate relationship with Facebook brand page “Likes”. From recent member discussions at the BlogWell Chicago, it was clear that many social media practitioners vehemently oppose the use of “Like” as a success measure. So the question that begs to be asked and answered is whether a brand page “Like”  even matters any more?

Let’s look at the pros of using it as success metric. Unless your customer likes your page, your posts will not appear in their timeline so there is no connection to your customer unless they like your page.  If you think of Facebook as a community then “Like” may be considered surrogate for “registered users” who have opted to get “alerts” any time you post something.

So are “Likes” just a means to an end or the end by themselves? That depends. While building up your community may be important initially, but once you hit a critical mass, say 1 or 10 million users (depending on your market size, customer base), the size may no longer matter and every incremental “Like” may not have the same value.

Here’s the danger with being too focused on the “Likes” – it’s not enough. What’s really important is user engagement with your Facebook content, either by sharing, commenting or liking.  So if your social media strategy is solely focused on growing “Likes” but has no effort devoted to developing interesting and engaging content to drive engagement, you’ll soon find users “unliking” your page in droves.

So back to our original question – Do Facebook brand page “Likes” really matter? And the answer is yes, but only if backed up by a solid content and fan/user engagement strategy.

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